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Report illegal content here so we can have a safe space! Be sure to report only real illegal content. Meaning, all art that has REALISTIC CP in it. So no cartoons as they are legal here and protected by the law (very few european countries allow it and I live in one of them that only has a problem with realistic art). When you cannot distinguish reality from fantasy please report it so we can take the nessesary actions. Also, IF a comic specifies a character that is underage specifically, then report it. Example, a character says to the other character "I can't believe I am fucking a 14 year old" This is a big NO! Please report it immediately. Do not report flat chested small girls as they exist in real life. That doesn't mean they are underage. SUMMARY: IF THE ART IS REALISTIC OR AGE IS MENTIONED AND IT IS UNDERAGE, REPORT IT BELOW! THANK YOU FOR KEEPING THIS SPACE SAFE WITH US!

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